JQuery plugin to use Google Map API

Enrich your Google Maps
using the jquery plugin Gmap3

Gmap3 allows you to easily understand the power of Google Maps 3,
due to the simplicity of jQuery

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The power of jQuery into Google Maps

Learn how to use google maps API with jQuery

GMap3 is the ultimate plugin to create and manage Google Maps to jQuery.
Based on an advanced managment system,
GMap3 allows you to finely manipulate yours markers and others objects, to associate custom data usable in each event.
Discover all its potential and try to find its limits !

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Version 6.0.0

This version introduce a new build system which will be online soon.


Version 5.1.1

This version fix a major issue on clustering feature. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Version 5.1

Version 5.1 is just released. Changelog: code cleaned cluster cursor updated to...


Version 5.0 : two weeks later (5.0b)

It took one year to release the version 5, one year because of many reasons (huge rewrite, bugs on beta tests...).And what, after two weeks, feedbacks are amazing :D we got lot of messages: i want to...

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