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28 11/12

Version 5.0 : two weeks later (5.0b)

It took one year to release the version 5, one year because of many reasons (huge rewrite, bugs on beta tests...).
And what, after two weeks, 
feedbacks are amazing :D we got lot of messages: i want to thanks every of you for using gmap3 and sending us your feebacks, messages ...

By the way, as every code, every library, you can do all the tests you want, there will always be a bug, even a little one,
Yes, nobody is perfect :D
So, here is the "1 week after" version, which is the 5.0B It solves:

  • restart of the latlng resolution after a OVER_QUERY_LIMIT
  • map options no longer limited to a set of properties if the map is already initialised
  • remove the threshold limit to 99 in the clustering feature
  • fix append to an existing clusterer
  • fix overlay from getting  at each redraw

We also added an example for autocomplete field.

Website's download link is updated to this version,
Thanks for using gmap3