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Presentation gmap3

Inserting Google Maps into web pages is already easy with the simplicity Google offers in all of their products.

However, this can be even more easier when gmap3 is used!

Instead of copying all the repetitive code shared by Google, just focus on the features you want to create and gmap3 will do the rest for you.

gmap3 also comes with advanced features (overlays, clusters, callbacks, events etc.) and can be used for many purposes like :

    • Using a context menu on Google maps
    • Searching an address on Google maps with auto-completion
    • Managing markers in clusters on Google maps
    • Displaying a streetview in an infowindow
    • Embedding data in markers

    It is also possible to use the native Google maps functions within the plugin for maximum flexibility.

    Have a look at the numerous examples in the download section or the advanced demonstrations to evaluate the power of gmap3.

    Keep in mind this has been in development since 2010!